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Reason for selling:

I'm starting a new business & am looking for someone that will take good care of Benino (the sailboat) as I simply wont have the time.

Benino is currently moored at GBYC (Gordon's Bay Yacht Club - Cape Town - South Africa)

Build Specs:

- LOA: 5.15m, 17ft

- Beam: 2.15, 7ft, 2in

- Draft: 0.6m, 2ft

- Sail Area: 15.83sq m, 166sq ft

- Ballast: 245kg, 540lbs

- Displacement: 820kg 1800lbs

- Berths: 2

- Cockpit seats: 5

- Headroom: 1.42m, 4ft, 9in

- Carrying Capacity: 650kg, 1430lbs

- Outboard Motor Power: Tohatsu 6hp

Description (from John Welsford himself):

Most languages have a word which conveys the image of the wanderer, someone who has a dreamy far away look in their eye, who stays for a day or three then moves quietly on toward a goal that no one else can see. "Pelegrin" is one such word, from the old Norman French it means "Pilgrim" or "Traveller". Ever moving on, apart from the world but observing, watching, learning, remembering, and following the dream.

Boats, especially tough little cruisers, are a natural fit for this sort of imagery, we all of us have thoughts of escape, leaving the stress for a while and floating lightly through life, free as the wind which moves us.

The name given to a boat should reflect its place in its owners life, and that’s the intention here.  A tough little ship, one in which dreams can be pursued for a week or two at a time. Big enough to be comfortable for two, small enough to tow behind a normal family car, seaworthy enough to cope with being caught out in bad conditions, and small enough to be a reasonable build for someone with the inevitable commitments that we all seem to accumulate.

The rig is in keeping with the tradition, and the ballasted full keel ensures a degree of stability.

Storage is plentiful, and there is a bench where a picnic stove can be used to cook at the end of the day.

The cockpit will seat 6, but four is as many as you’d want to take sailing for more than half an hour, but those four could be away for the day, or if they are younger the cockpit could be tented and the seats will double as bunks so mum and dad can weekend away with the kids.

There are a couple of big lockers out there, big enough for the spare anchor, motor fuel, fenders, bimini or awning and an icebox.  Good stowage keeps the boat tidy, and a tidy boat operates well.

The outboard motor fits in a half well so there is no need to hang over the stern to get it running or work the throttle, but it wont fill the cockpit with fumes either.

Up on deck the mast is fitted in a tabernacle, that makes it easy to rig even single handed, and with its versatile and powerful gaff mainsail the mast is relatively short making it easier to handle and short enough to avoid overhangs when on the trailer.

With a roller furling jib and “slab” reefing there is no need to go up on deck to reef this when the wind pipes up, you can stay safe in the cockpit, and even singlehanded its an easy job to manage the rig.

Anchoring is an easy job too, the big well up on the foredeck carrying the main anchor ready to lower away, complete with chain and rope, its stowed where mud and weed wont get tramped back into the cockpit and from there into the cozy haven below.

Theres space for a decent sized battery that will run the radio, cabin and navigation lights, room to stow a weeks provisions, space enough for comfort and a cabin that would make a very nice miniature home for a week away from the rat race.


- Customized protection cover.

- Sail covers.

- life jackets.

- Emergancy manual horn.

- Basic wet weather kit.

- External fuel carrier and pump.

- Anchor


Robert H.Perry from Sailing Magazine wrote an article about the pelegrin in 2018 July 1, stating that the best estimate price for this boat would be $15,398/ R271 671,69

i.e my price is one hell of a bargain ;)

PS. Message me if you're interested in seeing more media - videos, pics etc

R 95,000

17ft pocket cruiser - Pelegrin by John Welsford

Dobson, Gordons Bay, Western Cape
Mar 22
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