R3 390
Image of Air Freshener Spy Camera
R3 390

Air Freshener Spy Camera

Air Freshener Spy Camera

Dimension: 20cm x 9.5cm

Resolution: HD 1920x1080

4 Button Remote Control: On/Off, Motion Detection, Take Photo, Continuous Recording

Continuous recording time: Up to 7 Hours

Motion Detection recording standby time: Up to 4 Days

(depends on Motion Detection Function is triggered) 4 Days calculated at triggering 10 times a day.

Motion Detection total recording time: 7 Hours

Viewing: Connect attached USB cable to computer USB port. Open drive to view.

Plug & Play - No drivers needed.

Night vision: NO

Includes FREE sd card = +/- 14 hours storage = 1 hour / 1.5 gigs +/-

Includes FREE Delivery in South Africa

Published: Dec 01, 2016

R3 390

Air Freshener Spy Camera