BMW Fuel System Service And Repairs
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We recommend that the fuel system be serviced every 50,000 km or every 3 years whichever comes first.

The typical symptoms of engine fuel system contamination are poor driveability, hestitations, flat spots, rough idle, hard starting, lack of power, poor fuel economy, and excessive emissions.

During normal vehicle operations fuel systems and combustion areas can become contaminated with gums, varnishes, and carbon build up over time this can decrease fuel efficiency, vehicle performance, and even cause damage to the engine and the emission parts. A fuel system service removes carbon build-up by flushing out the vehicle’s fuel system.

Symptoms of engine contamination often develop slowly over time. Their onset, frequency, and severity are highly variable. Factors which influence the frequency and severity of the symptoms are: fuel composition and quality, operating conditions, length thrifts650, constant versus intermittent use, engine speeds, engine operating temperatures engine design, fuel system design, and maintenance practices.

Many people will experience an immediate improvement in performance, acceleration, and fuel economy right after a fuel system service has been performed.

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BMW Fuel System Service And Repairs

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