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Buff Orphingtons chickens R500 per pair(1 rooster & 1 hen)

Buff Orphington Rooster only R250 each

Bochveld Chicken R200 per pair

Bochveld roosters only R100 each

Black Australorp chickens R400 per pair

Potch Koekok chicken R300 per pair

Bantam chickens R150 per pair

Turkeys R600 per pair

Guinea Fowls R300 per pair

Pigeons R200 per pair

Dwarf goats Rams and Ewes R1250 each

Dwarf goats young Rams & Ewes R750each

Damara Sheep Rams R3500(3years)

Damara Sheep Rams young R2000

We located in Uitzitch, Kameeldrift west, Pretoria. We can also deliveries.

R 100

Chicken Breeds and Dwarf goats

Kameeldrift West, Pretoria, Gauteng
Nov 29
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Maroast Farm
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Kameeldrift West, Pretoria, Gauteng
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