Dishwasher Water Filters
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Water Filters for sale for dishwashers

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Silophose scale removal media: Siliphose is a portable and industrial water

treatment media.

Siliphose prevents scale and stops corrosion. Because of its phosphate and

silicate content siliphose inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer

on the metal surface.

Siliphose will also slowly remove existing scale in old pipes, even iron oxide and

CaCO3 layers to some extent.

Hard water: Hard water forms scale in pipes and boilers. This leads to a

decrease in water pressure and an increased energy demand. Heating

elements may overheat and fail.

Soft water: Soft waters are aggressive to metals and cause corrosion.

As a rule of thumb one can say that 1 mm scale on the heating element of a

boiler, increases the energy cost by 15%.

The use in tap water and other types of fresh water at the prescribed dosage is


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Dishwasher Water Filters

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