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What are Eco Tunnels?

Eco Tunnels use the 200 Micron UV resistant plastic which is imported from Israel and can with stain the harshest sun rays. Plus we give you the option to cover your tunnel over the plastic with the 40% Black & White shade netting for added protection against animals, hot conditions, and hail which doubles the life span of your tunnel. – We do recommend you take this option.

1. We use the strongest, thickest greenhouse plastic you get on the market from Kibbutz Ginegar Israel – used by all the commercial farmers

2. Plastic has a 3 year. guarantee and a lifespan of about 10 yrs.

3. The plastic is cut to size to fit over the entire tunnel, NO joins in the plastic – One piece

4. The Structure is made from the strongest PVC – UV resistant – 50 year life span

5. The Door Frame is made from Galvanized Steel/ netting and closes tightly with a latch to lock

6. No RUST – DURABLE & Long lasting

7. 2 doors for ventilation on each end of the tunnel

8. Each tunnel Arch is anchored firmly into the ground and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

9. The base of the tunnel is made from 2 x base frames which sandwich the plastic – S.A.B.S. Approved Decking and treated.

10. We make sure that we use THE BEST of THE BEST Materials to MAKE SURE that your MONEY is spent well AND that YOUR Tunnel is of OPTIMUM STRENGTH

11. D.I.Y. Kit – Easy to assemble

12. Comes with a complete step by step manual – VERY EASY to Install SAVING YOU MONEY on Installations.

Benefits of the Eco Tunnels

Protection of plants from bad weather & solar radiation

Off-season nursery can be raised

Crops are of very good quality and give good yield

Use less water and save labor time

Pests and diseases can be controlled easily

Extend your growing season into the colder months

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