Gasket magic head gasket fix
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Head Gasket Fix in 10 minutes.

Blown Head Gasket? Car overheating, loss of coolant? Carrying spare water with you?

Radiator bubbling? Water in oil? Steam from exhaust? Loss of power? Misfiring?

GASKET MAGIC WORKS. Every Time. On Petrol or Diesel. Turbos. 4x4's. Trucks. Forklifts. Generators. Racing Cars. Motorbikes. Safe on Aluminium.

Lasts for years.

Will not clog your radiator, thermostat or heater cores.

Now in 500ml.

Since 2012, we have saved many, many customers Thousands of Rand's each. If it didn't work, we wouldn't have had so many customers phone us to say thank you. We wouldn't have had customers coming back to buy for friends or refer other people. We wouldn't have had repair shops buy 100 units at a time to fix customers cars.

Having a mechanic repair your head gasket WILL cost thousands. Mostly TENS of thousands. You are going to be without your car for days. And if they don't do a proper job, you will have the same problem. Often these repairs are not guaranteed, or only for a few months. Even the most reputable agents often find it costs more than they anticipated.

R450 10 Minutes. Wherever you are.

You can fix your cars' head gasket problem yourself in 10 minutes. Read the testimonials from just a few of the many satisfied customers. 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts can't afford to venture off road into the unknown without a bottle of Gasket Magic. If your vehicle overheats and blows a gasket - the cost to get the vehicle back to civilization is astronomic - never mind the inconvenience or danger being stranded. But if you had Gasket Magic- no problem.

How does it work?

It's simple. Just pour the solution into the cooling system, idle the car for 10 minutes and drive away.You don't need to be a mechanic to do it.

As soon as your engine's thermostat opens up when the coolant is at the correct temperature, Gasket Magic will circulate through the system and find the problem. It is a chemical formula solution that will form a cohesive, non corrosive bond with the metal where your head gasket is leaking. It can even seal cracked heads or blocks, and welsh plugs. And it can last for years! It is NOT just a suspension with particles that will clog holes! It seems like magic, but it works scientifically.

One bottle is normally sufficient for 8 cylinder motors.


(Not all of the below symptoms may be present at the same time.)

Water in oil (on cap, dipstick or Sump). If you have oil in water

Radiator bubbling, or building up pressure.

Oil, or oil cap dirty. Almost like a milky, frothy or brown color.

Water, steam or vapour from the exhaust. Possibly white smoke for a few seconds after startup.

Car engine overheating.

Loss of water (coolant).

Engine misfiring.

Some spark plugs oily, black or dirty.

Car running hot. losing power. this is due to loss of compression

NEVER PUT GASKET MAGIC IN YOUR OIL! Based in isipingo rail Durban 07849five8328

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Gasket magic head gasket fix

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