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The H-pod is the solution to your power supply demands, suited for small - medium sized enterprises and residential homes. Tired of load shedding? Sick of continuous Eskom escalating electricity prices? Do you love your country and believe in eco-friendly solutions?

The versatile H-Pod, with its numerous applications is the answer to your electricity needs. Manfactured in France, this H-Pod can act as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or can take you completely off the grid.

The simple "plug and play" technology allows you to power the long life deep cycle batteries either directly from your DB board or from solar and power sources. The advanced hybrid technology is programmed to manage multiple power sources simultaneously and ensures power supply is efficiently available & consumed economically 24 hours per day.

* No maintenance required

* Excellent power output 5 kw

(Can be increased to 25 kw)

* 24 hour efficient energy consumption

*No noise and easy to install

*Eco friendly solution with great ROI benefits & continous guaranteed uninterrupted electricity source.


R 83 000

* T& C: The price includes transportation costs up to 50 km radius within Northcliff, Randburg.

* outside of 50 km radius, own transport & cost arrangements.


* Wholesale price: R160 ,000

* Retail price: R 220, 000.

* A receipt of proof of retail value price can be provided upon request

*This H-pod was ordered and arrived in SA 24 months ago & is brand new.

Reason for give away price offer: Retirement and closing of business ( relocating to native European country )


The H-POD is the answer for all power supply demands of a small business or consumer home area. Beat the load shedding dilemma or zero your Eskom electricity bill with the H-POD, the ultimate green energy, fully electric power saving hub made in France. The H-POD, powered by any source of energy (AC and DC), is equipped with UPS Class pure sine two-way inverters for supplying power to all types of consumer, even the most sensitive such as electronic and computer equipment. Using it's technology, the battery bank provides up to 24 hours of operating life and requires no maintenance. The H-POD benefits include:

* Excellent power range being 1 - 3 kWh

* Halves your overall kWh cost, significantly reducing your energy consumption and bill.

* No fuel or maintenance needed, easy to install and totally silent.

* 24 / 24 electricity reservoir - Say goodbye to Eskom's load shedding woes.

*The H-POD replaces smaller generators which use plenty of fuel, have a limited life span and cause extreme noise.


* The cost of the H-POD is R 83 000 inclusive of transportation costs. Transport is inclusive for up to 50 km within Northern Joburg. Outside of 50 km - Own transport & costs arrangements.

* The purchase price was R 160 000 - A receipt to show proof of selling price can be provided upon request.

* The H-POD is only less than 18 months old and working like brand new!

R 83,000

Hybrid Power Supply H-POD

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