Korg ToneWorks AX3000B Bass Effects Processor
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I have to sell my Bass Effects unit to fund my trip overseas. I’ve owned several effects units, including the Boss ones, and I can say this one was the best of the lot.

Comes with all necessary plugs and a digital copy of the manual.

72 different bass effects using KORG’s proprietary "REMS" modeling technology

16 types of drive/amp effects model a range of sought after vintage and hi-end amps and effects

A wide range of pre-effects including cabinets, modulation, delay, and reverb (eleven types of each)

Built-in bass effects ranging from standards such as compressor and wah through unique effects such as "Fretless" and "Bass Synth"

Create and store 96 programs with your favorite combination of "REMS" effects. 32 preset programs are also provided

Up to seven different effects can be used simultaneously

Expression pedal to control wah, volume, or many other effect parameters

Assign a wide range of functions to the Control Switch for even greater flexibility

The "ESS" (Expression Step Sequencer) provides a step sequencer for storing effect parameter movements and playing them back to create dramatic changes in sound

ESS can also be used to create subtle foot-controlled stepped modulation bass effects as well as dramatic controlled pitch effects

Choose from seven ESS modes and control the ESS playback speed in real time by tapping a control switch or by using the expression pedal to change the speed smoothly

A variety of playback methods are offered; you can use a control switch to start ESS playback or use the expression pedal to recall the desired step

Individual mode lets you turn effects on/off individually

Send/return jacks allow you to connect your own external bass effects processor

AUX IN jack lets you connect an external sound source and play along with it

Built-in Auto Tuner lets you tune your instrument while muted

The sound editor/librarian software lets you edit and manage AX3000B programs on your PC.

Packed with capabilities like the ESS (Expression Step Sequencer), as well as numerous effects specifically optimized for bass, the Korg AX3000B provides a full complement of the controls you need for real-time performances. From vintage through high-end amps sought-after by bassists, and from standard effects through a bass synthesizer model, "REMS" technology delivers a staggering range of realistic and versatile bass effects, offering full control by using the expression pedal or the control switch. The amazing ESS function lets you use a step sequencer to control effect parameters from a step sequencer so you can take your performance to a level beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

72 different bass effects using modeling technology precisely and realistically models a wide variety of sounds covering hard-to-find vintage or high-end amps, cabinets, and effects. The 72 effects include both original and standard effect varieties. The sixteen drive/amp models include fat-sounding tube sounds, ultra-low bottom-end sounds, clean sounds and many more. Pre-effects, cabinets, modulation effects, delay effects and reverb effects (eleven types each!) cover not only standard bass effects such as compressor, limiter, wah, flanger, and chorus, but also unique and distinctive bass effects. These effects include a pitch shifter with a range of two octaves up or down, a fretless effect that simulates the sound of a fretless bass and even a synth effect that produces the sound of an analog bass synth.

Create and store 96 different programs of your own.

The AX3000B comes with 32 preset programs covering a wide range of sounds. You can also edit these programs as well as create and store your own creations in a total of 96 writable program locations. Since the AX3000B has an Individual mode that lets you switch each effect on/off using the foot switches, it is very easy to edit the preset programs.

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Korg ToneWorks AX3000B Bass Effects Processor

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