R65 000
Image of Laser engraving & cutting machine
Image of Laser engraving & cutting machine
R65 000

Laser engraving & cutting machine


Laser engraving & cutting machine

• We are a leading manufacturer of Vinyl Cutting, Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines,CNC Routers,Plasma Cutting Machines. We also provide excellent after sales services ,training and technical support. All our machines comes with one year warranty and excellent after sales services.

• Functions:

o Practical model for primary customer’s

o User-friendly interface, easy to master for operation

o Parallel light beam design, lesson path deviation, high performance, easy adjustment

o Aluminum alloy knife strip working table, ensure high quality cutting

o Digital offline control system, USB available, RD and lettro alternative

o Optional red light positioning system and water chiller for better work performance

• Standard parts:

o Air pump

o Water pump

o Dongle

o Auto-focus

o Reflect lens

o Water chiller

o Optional

o Red light position

o Water chiller

• Services:

o Warranty and after sale service of CNC metal cutting machine

o Machine warranty is 1 year

o Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disc

o Samples for free

o Certifications: CE/ISO

• Company information:

With many years efforts and innovation, Ruijie has grown up to a leading manufacturer of this industry in China and a most famous enterprise in the world, spreading the marketing network in more than 100 countries and regions

Working size = 1200 * 900mm / 600 * 400mm / 1000 * 600mm / 1200 * 900mm / 1300 * 900mm / 1300 * 2500mm

Laser type = dc glass tube

Wavelength = 10um

Laser power = 100w

Engraving speed = 0-120mm/s

Cutting speed = 0-600mm/s

Reposition accuracy = < 0.01mm

Min letter size = 1mm

Machine power = 1500w

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Published: Nov 29, 2016

R65 000

Laser engraving & cutting machine