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The Mirror

Magic Cube is a 3×3 cube that you solve through shape rather than


The Mirror Magic Cube is way similar to a normal Rubik’s cube in most aspects. The only difference is that Rubik’s cube is based on the colour variations while Mirror Cube is based on the size variations.A cube shape puzzle that has different shape pieces and with silver, reflective stickers that are all the same. No two movable pieces, excluding the centres, share the same shape. To solve this puzzle it needs to be in its original cube state.Product Features:

Magic cube brain teaser

Full design for speed as well as adaptability

Extremely fast with excellent cornering

Perfect for testing your mental skills as well as challenging your patience

Encourages problem solving, fine motor skills

Improves eye-hand coordination as well as concentration

Mirror Cube Silver

The Mirror Blocks Cube not only does away with colored blocks, but it also takes the puzzle from its safe symmetrical format to a bizarre, asymmetric rectangular space.

Besides the absence of color, the other thing you will immediately notice about the Mirror Blocks Cube is that all of the blocks are different sizes.

As you twist and turn the Mirror Blocks Cube, the blocks will slide in and out of space, poking in every direction to form a mind-bending puzzle that looks right out of a science fiction film.

Expect frustration to hit within minutes, but the new mirror Cube never ceases to be fun.

The mirror block is essentially a 3x3x3 Shape mod and can be solved with your normal Cube Speed Solving Methods.


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Magic Mirror Cube

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