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Moya Cell-Recruiters

Moya Cell-Recruiters

Entrepeneurs!!!Don't rely on someone else to help you.Here is your chance to own your business.

No business plans,no devices,no transport.Cell phone only,attitude,feet and make it happen.

OWN A CELLPHONE? OWN a business! MOYa Cell

Register *130*7927#

You deposit money at an FNB ATM – your cell phone number is your reference number

The cell phone number that you registered with is your reference.

Deposit Go to FNB Smart ATM.

Choose “Cardless Services”

Select “Deposit Cash”

Key in account number – 62540756238

Key in reference number – 0786734750

YOUR Cell phone number

Key in your name

Key in your cell phone number (again)

Deposit the Cash (paper money/notes)

EFT to 62540756238 and Proof of payment to 0827605899

Confirm the deposit

Take slip.

Once you choose CARDLESS Services – all the options will come on the screen

You can deposit 24/7 at a FNB ATM but your money will only be put into your

Moya account during office hours 8:10am to 4pm.

If you have done all the above correctly, your money will be in MOYA Cell’s bank account, it should

take about 15minutes for your cash to be loaded into your Moya account on your cell phone

Published: Oct 19, 2016

Martin Botha
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Moya Cell-Recruiters