OFFICE and HOME FURNITURE: Desks, Tables, Shelves, Brackets, Overbed 0
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For your Garden, Braai and Home steelwork requirements.

Custom made for you or standard stock available.

Complete albums on my Facebook page.

I work with mild-steel, using proper profiles to ensure quality.

Situated in Bellville, Cape Town.

076 - 129 / 6777 (WhatsApp enabled)


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1. STANDS: Tier, Square, Corner, Single Pot, Fountain, Ladder

2. WALL: Shelves, Brackets, Pot Holders, Niches, Vertical Garden solutions, Wall-Hooked and Wall-Mounted products

3. VINE: Arches, Trellis, Rose Pillars, Obelisks, Pot/Vine Ladders

4. AIR: Globes, Baskets, Pot Hangers

5. DECORATIONS: Wagon Wheels, Topiaries, Bird Feeder, Hose Reel, Mini-Arch, Bicycle, Wind Mill, Lamps, Candelabras, Rain Meter Stand, Steel Flowers, Domes, Decorative Pot Holders, Sundial Stand, Bird Bath Stand, Garden Gate, Hearts, Sign Poles, Anchor

6. FURNITURE: Daybed, Bench, Tables, Chairs


1. BUILT IN: Braai Pans, Ash Pans, Ember Makers, Grids, Grid Stands, Pizza Domes, Braai Setups

2. STANDS: Drum Braai Stands, Drums, Grids, Grid Supports, Sheet Metal Braais, Smokers, Pizza Dome, Spit Braai Stand

3. EQUIPMENT: Rocket Stove, Wood Oven, Wood Stove, Tripods, Tongs, Spade, Rake, Varkie Braai, Blik Hoender Cooker, Umbrella Anchor


1. INTERIOR: Office and Home Furniture, Table Desks, Tables, Desks, Shelves, Brackets, Overbed Table, Bed Base

2. EXTERIOR: Fence Poles, Refuse Bag Stands, Dog Barriers, Tank Stands, Washing line Brackets, Veranda Brackets

3. SECURITY: Burglar Bars, Gates, Cages, Spikes, Covers, Sheet Metal Tool Boxes/Chests

Enjoy beauty, creativity and practicality with steel.

Frederik Johannes Swanepoel.

Kind Regards

R 1,600

OFFICE and HOME FURNITURE: Desks, Tables, Shelves, Brackets, Overbed

Bellville Central, Bellville, Western Cape
Jan 30
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Bellville Central, Bellville, Western Cape
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