Ohs,tlb,dump truck,boilermaker,grader,rigging,welding course training 0
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Becoming successful involves investing in yourself,educating yourself,and practicing what you've learned.

Get Trained with a Fully Accredited Registered Center.

Call/WhatsApp 061,435,7656 (South Africa)

No formal qualifications needed

Accommodation free only food self-catering


1.Bobcat, 1week R4500

2.TLB, 1-2 weeks R5000

3.Excavator,1- 2weeks R5000

4.Front end loader, 1-2weeks R4500

5.Grader,1- 2 weeks R5000

6.Roller, 2 weeks R4500

9.Dump truck 777D 1-2 weeks,5000

10.Dump truck (without restriction), R7000

11.Bulldozer, 1-2weeks R5000

12.Tractor ,2weeks R4000.

13.Water truck ,2weeks ,R4500.


14.Forklift Training R2500 10days.

15.Mobile crane 80tonnes,1-2weeks R4500

16.Mobile crane 150tonnes 1-2wks R5500

13.Water truck,2weeks, R4500

18.Tower crane climbing, 1-2 weeksR7000.

19.Remote Tower crane, 2weeks, R4500

20.Truck mounted crane,2weeks, R4500

21.Overhead crane, 1-2weeks R4500

22.Basic Rigging & Slinging weeks R10000

23Intermediate rigging 2weeks R15000.

24.Advanced rigging 2-3weeks R25000

25Telescopic Handler 1week R6500.

26Reach Stacker 1-2weeks R7000.


28.Basic Healthy & Safety (OHS)R2000 1day.

29.Safety Officer R7000 for 1 to 2 weeks

30.Health & Safety Representative 2days R2000

31First Aid Basic 2days R2000.

32Safety Officer, 7000 ,1-2weeks.

33.First Aid Intermediate 1week R2800

34.First Aid Advanced 1week R3200

35.Fire fighting basic R1800 1-3days

36.Fire Fighting intermediate 1-2weeks R8500

37.Fire Fighting Advanced 2-3weeks R12 500

38.SHE rep. R1800 1 week

39.Fall protection R1800 1day

40.Scaffolding Erector R2300 1 week

41.Working at heights R2000 3days

42.Confined Space 1day R2250

43Emergency Awareness &Evacuation 1day R2000

we are located in RUstenburg North west 111 fatima bhayat

Accommodation and ppe are provide

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Ohs,tlb,dump truck,boilermaker,grader,rigging,welding course training

Radium, Bela Bela, Limpopo
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Radium, Bela Bela, Limpopo
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