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The Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Ionic is light, powerful and environmentally

friendly. With recycled packaging and plastic, it is the most

eco-friendly hairdryer available. The Parlux 3800 Eco has a 2100w

K-Lamination motor, reducing drying time and electricity usage.

It has a built in silencer making it quieter and it gives out no harmful

emissions. The combined effects of ceramic & ionic technology

maintain hair's natural moisture, making sure that hair stays in

incredible condition.

The Parlux 3800 Eco Hairdryer emits an incredible 75 cubic meters per

hour airflow and has two nozzles for concentrated styling and quick

drying. All Parlux professional dryers are fitted with three meter

hairdryer cables, and feature a carefully crafted handle which has been

designed for perfect balance.

Features :

- Durability, every motor used by PARLUX guarantees at least of 2000

hours of trouble-free operation

- Efficiency, the maximum of air power expressed in cubic meters/hour,

with variable output and calibrated temperature balance

- Silence, disturbance-free and noiseless motor

- Balance, no vibration

- Light, minimum user-fatigue

- Reliability, respecting the strictest national and international

standards, compliant with the strictest health and safety standards

after rigorous testing, which PARLUX possesses for the peace of mind of

the user

- Strong materials, including the outer casing, to prevent breakages

from falls or accidental impact

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