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Pekingnese puppies available

2 x males

9 weeks old

Puppies have been vet checked vaccinated and dewormed

Price R3200

Pekingese are very loving and affectionate with their family but aloof, almost wary, of strangers. That characteristic makes them excellent watchdogs; they like to bark when strangers approach. Some Pekingese tend to bark too much, so it's a good idea early on to teach them when to stop.

The Pekingese is a very easy dog to keep and requires little food to stay healthy. Too many treats easily lead to obesity. While fairly active, Pekingese do not need long walks for their exercise. A short romp indoors or outdoors in good weather will suffice. With the shortened face, Pekingese do not handle hot or humid weather well. This shortened muzzle also makes them prone to snoring!

Pekingese need plenty of human companionship to be happy. They thrive on attention and will bark and attempt to protect their homes and families. They are very happy to be lap dogs much of the time. Most Pekingese get along well with older children. Early socialization to many people is important.

Grooming is an important consideration. A dog in full show coat requires extensive attention daily. Most pet Pekingese have slightly shorter, easier-to-care for coats, but they still need a quick daily grooming. Care must be taken to keep their faces clean, especially around the wrinkle on the muzzle. Check the long hair around the rectum to keep it clean as well.

R 2,500

Pekingnese puppies for sale

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Nov 26
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