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STANDS: Pot plant display solutions. The beauty of plant life completes a home, essential for the spirit. Build your plant collection on a stand.

Garden/Braai/Home: Small-Medium steelwork.

Custom made for the individual or standard.

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Mild steel: Proper profiles ensures quality.

Situated in Bellville, Cape Town.

Enjoy practical, creative and beautiful steelwork.

Frederik Swanepoel

Kind regards



1. STANDS: Tier, Square, Corner, Single Pot, Ornate.

2. WALL: Shelves, Platforms, Brackets, Niches, Wall-Hooked solutions, Pot Holders, Vertical Gardens.

3. VINE: Arches, Trellis, Obelisks, Pot-Ladders, Rose Pillars, Step-Into-Soil and Secure-To-Wall solutions.

4. AIR: Globes, Baskets, Pot Hangers, Hanging Gardens.

5. FURNITURE: Daybed, Bench, Table, Chairs, Concrete Table, Patio Table.

6. DECORATIONS: Wagon Wheels, Topiaries, Bird Feeders, Fancy Stands, Mini-Arches, Rain Meter Stand, Steel Flowers, Lamps, Candelabras, Hose Reels, Veggie Domes, Focal Point Solutions.


1. BUILT IN BAAI & INSERTS: Pans, Ember Makers, Grids, Inserts, Doors, Screens, Fire Place Grates, Grids Stands, Small Fire Places.

2. OUTDOOR & COOKING: Drum Braais, Sheet Metal Braais, Wall-Mounted Braais, Fire Pits, Smokers, Rocket Stoves, Grids, Bread Ovens, Pizza Domes, Pizza Ovens.

3. EQUIPMENT: Fire Place Wood Stands, Tripods, Cole Rakes, Cole Spades, Camping Caddies, Casserole Stands.


1. INTERIOR: Desks, Tables, Shelves, Brackets, Overbed Desks/Tables, Pots Rack, Heater Trollies, Bed Frames.

2. EXTERIOR: Fence Poles, Tank Stands, Washing Line Brackets, Veranda Brackets, Dog Barriers, Pump Covers, Drain Covers, Refuse Bag Stands, Shelving, Steps.

3. SECURITY: Burglar Bars, Gates, Cages, Spikes, Covers, Tool Boxes/Chests, Trip Alarm Stand.

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PLANT STANDS, POT STANDS, Tier, Corner, Square, Single Pot

Bellville Central, Bellville, Western Cape
Jul 6
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Bellville Central, Bellville, Western Cape
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