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PlayStation 3 Big Slim.

10 Games. Pick 5 of Your Choice.

1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

2. FIFA 14 (The Baddest FIFA of all times.)

3. FarCry 3

4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

5. Battlefield 3

6. Unreal Tournament

7. Brink

8. Final Fantasy XIII-2

9. DeadRising 2

10. Stuntman: Ignition

1 Brand New Controller.


6 Months GUARANTEE. What's covered by the Guarantee? Mainly the PS3 Console and to an extent - the controller(s).

Maybe you have kids. The last thing you want is for them to be influenced by outside influences and/or getting involved with the WRONG CROWD. The Best way to keep them Entertained, occupied, busy in the comfort of your home is to get them The PlayStation 3 (Big Slim). Seriously.

Or Maybe you don't have kids. You have a job. You wake up. Go to work. Get home. Sleep. Repeat. Until payday, You pay bills, buy groceries, bless yourself, and repeat the cycle all over again. Why subject yourself to that Stale Lifestyle when you can SPICE IT up with The PS3 Slim aka Big Slim?

Call or WhatsApp me on this Number - Zero-Six-Seven-Ten-Nine-Eight-Two-Three-Nine if you have any questions regarding Big Slim. No Obligation to Purchase whatsoever.

WARNING: Not For Persons Under The Age Of 18. Game Responsibly.

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PlayStation 3 (Big Slim)

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