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PlayStation 3 (Slim & SuperSlim) Motherboards for sale.

You press power button on your PS3. It powers on for like 2 seconds, blinks a yellow light, then goes into standby mode (red light). Or you turn it on, the light goes from green to red in seconds.

What's up with that? What's happening to your Console? What is the cause of this problem?

1. What's up with that is Your PS3 won't turn on nor stay on.

2. What's happening to your Console is what is called MOTHERBOARD FAILURE or in simple terms - YLOD: Yellow Light Of Death.

3. What is the cause of this Problem is overplaying/overuse (gaming on your console for 5+ hours straight everyday) for example will shorten the lifespan of your Console, which in turn leads to MOTHERBOARD FAILURE or YLOD.


Well, there are quite a few ways to fix this problem.

A). Fix it yourself (DIY) by getting a heat gun, tools, thermal paste, and all that good stuff. You might manage to get your PS3 working again. But this solution is only TEMPORARY.


B). Send it to a repair shop. I'm sure they'll "fix" your problem and overcharge (rip you off) in the process. But, again, The problem will come back. Their "Solution/Fix" is TEMPORARY, too.


C). You can send Your Console to me. I'll remove the old Motherboard, and replace it with a New One. Voilá!

You Sir now have a Brand New PS3.

You see, The Motherboard is The Heart, The Brain, The Backbone, The Foundation of your Console.

That's not say the Power Supply Unit, Fan, Laser Lens, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is not important. Those things play specific, vital roles in the system. However, everything is connected to The Motherboard. Without it, you have nothing. That's like a house with no Foundation.

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