R135 000
Image of RJ-1118 Rotary cnc woodworking router!!!
R135 000

RJ-1118 Rotary cnc woodworking router!!!


RJ-1118 Rotary cnc woodworking router!!!

Features: ??RJ-1118

1.Two heads double the work efficiency;

2.With lifting table, when low the table two rotary attachments can be fixed on the machine, so the

machine can work on column shape work pieces; the rotary attachments are very powerful, and

with a big load; The biggest size for the column work piece: diameter 400mm; length 1200mm,

weight 56 kgs;

??Rotary Attachment on common working table

3.The water tank is specially designed for marble and glass engraving;

4.Lifting table rises and falls on 4 guiding cylinders firmly and smoothly; The big lifting distance,

Description Parameter

big load make the machine to work on thick work pieces (700mm) like marble; the max. lifting

Working Area X x Y 1100 x 1800mm (43.3x70.9 inch)

weight is up to 1500 KGS;

Max Height of Lifting Table 700mm 27.6 inch

5.After removing the rotary attachments, raise the table, the machine can do all the engraving or

Spindle Power 2.2 KW (option: 3KW,HSD Spindle)

cutting work as other cnc routers;

6.welded structure of thick profiled steel and inner stress removed by vibration ageing treatment,

strong lathe bed make the machine with rigidity, no distortion

-On purchase of machine there is training provided to clients in gauteng

-1Year warranty on machine excluding consumables


Published: Nov 28, 2016

R135 000

RJ-1118 Rotary cnc woodworking router!!!