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Skylanders Giants Starter Pack

Series 2, Nintendo Wii Game, pre-owned Items included are:

Skylander Giants Wii Game

Skylander Giant Wii PORTAL

3 Skylander Giants Figures that came with the Starter Pack i.e. Cynder, JetVac & The Tree Rex Giant

Skylanders Characters work on all platforms: 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Please note: We no longer have the packaging!

Skylanders Giants Gameplay

Choose your sky lander - Place on the portal of power & bring your game to life!

Skylanders is published by Activision and developed by Toys for Bob. This second game - Skylanders Giants released in 2012 in Europe. It is a Platform game with fighting and puzzle elements. Skylanders Giants offers new arena battles as well as new challenges for new and old Skylander characters. There are a variety of battle modes where players can fight against each other in closed arenas.

Challenge modes are also provided for each character you own, completing these offer a further stats upgrade. The set of small toy figures provide access to the different characters and areas in the game. This works by placing a particular figure on a round portal peripheral that comes with the game, the related character then instantly appears on-screen. Taking the figure off the portal automatically saves progress. The figures can be used in different versions of the game at friends houses (regardless of the original platform — Wii, PS3, 360 and so on).

The first game supported 32 different toy characters. This second game Skylander Giants expands the number to another eight large Giant Skylander figures, eight new normal Skylanders and eight lighting up skylanders. Additional toy figures are desirable but should be treated as a nice-to-have extra. By picking and choosing between the different Skylander characters players can access all the areas in the game by obtaining one figure for each of the eight element types.

It should be noted that the eight new characters and eight giants released for the second game are not compatible with the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game. This is clearly marked on the packaging.”

Skylander Giant Wii PORTAL info:

The PS3, PS4, Wii and Wii U have the same portal and are interchangeable in any of the games.

- does not work on the Xbox 360

ABOUT : Jetvac Element: Air

“Jet-Vac is a wingless sky baron. He is noble and courageous, Jet-Vac always think of others before himself. Now a Skylander, he soars where even eagles never dare Jet-Vac was the greatest, most daring flying ace in all of Windham. He was given his magical wings when he was young, as was the tradition for all Sky Barons. But when his homeland was raided, he chose to sacrifice his wings to a young mother so she could fly her children to safety.”

ABOUT : Cynder Element: Undead

“ Cynder’s official catchphrase: “Volts and Lightning!”

Cynder is a dangerous violet dragon with a dark past. While still in her egg, Cynder was stolen by the henchmen of the evil Dragon King named Malefor. He brought the youngster up as a black-hearted harbinger of despair, but deep inside Malefor's monstrous apprentice shone a small speck of goodness. It was none other than Spyro who released Cynder from Malefor's grip by defeating her in battle. Once defeated, the red mist lifted and the spell of evil was broken. Cynder quickly renounced her evil ways and vowed to fight for good. She even joined Spyro on a dangerous quest and came out smiling. Trusting Spyro's judgement, Master Eon signed Cynder up to become one of the scariest Skylanders.”

Comes with applicable serial keys.

Any single use keys or activation codes may have already been used/redeemed.

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Skylanders Giants Starter Pack -Series 2 Nintendo Wii Game,

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