Wifi router installer -Wifi Connectivity throughout premises setup - N
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*We install all wifi equipment 2G/4G/5G/Fibre

*Wifi router upgrades for faster internet speeds

*Wifi Coverage boosting

*Wifi Monitoring & throttling setup

*Network cabinet installations

*Network switch installation

*Multiple user interface setup

*Lan cable Installations Cat 5 / 6 / 7

*Ubiquiti unifi router & access points Supply / install

*MikroTik routerboard upgrades

*Additional Guest networking setup

*Outdoor Area wifi setup

*Multiple Mesh networking

*VoIP setup

*Ethernet socket outlet installations

*Wifi repairs

*Wifi installation

*Wifi router installer

*Wifi technician

*TP-link router installations

*Asus router installations

*Dlink router installations

*Tenda router installations

*IT support

*P2P setup

Technology is constantly changing and at a rapid rate, We respond quickly to changes in the technological sector allowing us to deliver you the latest, most advanced products and services.

With advanced Deco Mesh Technology, units work together to form a unified network with a single network name. Devices automatically switch between Decos as you move through your home for the fastest possible speeds.

Corporate WiFi networks have become more and more popular as companies realize the freedom and flexibility that wireless networks bring to a company. besides that From medium and large enterprises to college campuses, airports, train stations, museums, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and warehouses – they have all installed WiFi networks on their premises. therefore WiFi can offer everyone at your company a way to be mobile yet always remain connected to the network.

Typically, building materials like concrete, tinted glass, and metal can impede wireless frequencies and hinder your signal. With a WiFi range booster on your network, you can mitigate these common impediments and create a stronger WiFi signal with improved speeds and fewer coverage gaps.

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Wifi router installer -Wifi Connectivity throughout premises setup - N

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