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I'm selling my 4week old Winter White Hamsters. They are completely tamed. LOVES bird seeds and fresh fruit and veggies and boiled eggs. All are extremely humble, energetic and athletic creatures, which makes a great pet. Their fur-lined pouches extend from their heads to their shoulders, which helps them to transport food.

These pets are nocturnal, so they will be running on their wheels at night -- therefore make sure they have a wheel. They can adapt to sleep during the night if they receive treats and attention from you during the day -- twilight is a good time to approach otherwise.

They're are only 7 of them left!


Don't be alarmed when their fur changes according to the season.

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Winter White Dwarf Hamsters

Kelvin, Sandton, Gauteng
Jan 7
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Kelvin, Sandton, Gauteng
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